I love working on projects with businesses, and individuals! "But Amy," you might be thinking, "I want to work together! What kind of project could I possibly hire you for?" Fear not, oh beautiful Bakery patrons, I've gathered a few examples below. But don't let your imagination be limited to just these few ideas. I'm an adventurous gal, and I'd love to make something truly unique together. Just you and me and the chocolate chip cookies. 


Fundraising Projects

Do you have an organization in need of a fundraiser? I can help with that! We can work together to make enamel pins, or sticker packs, or buttons, or t-shirts for you to sell. It's a new kind of bake sale, with Hot Mama Bakery helping out along the way.


Murals, Murals Everywhere

I can make boring walls beautiful with custom murals! Private walls, public walls, small walls, large walls, any walls at all. It's not magic, it's just a little paint and a lot of  passion. Let's work together to make some magical plans for your walls!


Illustrated Portraits

Chances are, you have billions of photos of your loved ones. But do you have any illustrated portraits of them? I can draw your teens as babies, and your parents as teens. I can even add your childhood dog. Let's get creative together!

Interested in getting this party started? Fill out this handy dandy intake form here and we can start making plans! I can only take on a few projects a month, so get your application in soon!