Mom is out for a walk, so Dad and the kids decorate the house for her party.

Mom is out for a walk, so Dad and the kids decorate the house for her party.


It’s MOM’s birthday in The Loudest House. KID wakes up early to make Mom a card. Mom is the first in the house to come down to the kitchen. But when Kid tries to give her the card he made, he is interrupted by his little sister, SIB. Before Kid gets the chance to try again, the rest of the house comes in for breakfast. DAD, the babies, the oldest sister, and the two older brothers (along with their sleepover buddies) crowd around the table and Mom. Kid takes his toast outside to get some peace and quiet. 

Before long, the dog comes and the quiet is ruined. Kid throws a ball for the dog, but is swarmed by his older brothers, their buddies, and Sib. The brothers and buddies run off to play and Kid and Sib are left alone. Sib smiles at Kid; Kid gives Sib a mean look. Kid stomps back inside. 

In the kitchen, where it is now calm, Kid asks Dad where Mom has gone. Dad directs Kid to the living room where Mom is changing the pants of one of the babies. Kid hides his card behind his back, ready once again to present it to Mom. But before he can, the doorbell rings and the living room fills with the neighbor ladies and their kids. The neighbor ladies take Mom on a walk. Dad takes the kids. Kid is left standing quietly on the edge of the living room. 

Dad asks Kid to help him decorate for the birthday party. Sib wants to help, too, but Kid is still mad at Sib. Sib and Kid fight; Dad intervenes. Kid stomps upstairs to his room, card in hand. He slams his door, puts the card on his desk, then stares out the window, pouting. 

It begins to rain. Through the window, Kid sees Mom and the neighbor ladies running home. Kid jumps up and rushes downstairs. He gets to the bottom of the stairs and to Mom, just in time. He gives her a big hug. Then he realizes he left the card on his desk. Kid runs upstairs, grabs the card, and races back down. When he gets downstairs, the living room is empty, and the kitchen is crowded with everyone eating lunch. Mom is nowhere to be found.

Kid asks Dad where Mom has gone. Dad says she’s in the shower. Kid sits down to eat among the rowdy kids. Kid pouts; Sib smiles. Kid glares and turns away. Dad, seeing the rain has stopped, sends the kids outside. No one notices the indoor cat escape with them. 

Kid sits at the table, pouting, while Dad ices a cake. Mom walks in, ready for her party, and strikes a pose. She notices all of the decorations. Dad tells her Kid helped. Mom and Kid hug. The card is on the table beside them. It’s finally his chance. He grabs the card. But just as he is about to give it to Mom, his older brother bursts in the room with news: The cat has gotten out! Mom and Dad rush outside with the babies, and Kid is left alone in the kitchen with his card. 

Outside, the entire family and all of their friends try to get the cat out of a tree. Kid walks through the chaos in the backyard to the garage door. He goes inside and slams the door. This time, Kid doesn’t pout. This time, alone in the cluttered garage, Kid cries. 

Sib finds Kid and sits beside him. She doesn’t smile. Kid doesn’t give her a mean look. Kid rolls over onto his side to cry. Sib sits quietly with him. Kid glances up. He sees a picture of a movie projector on a box. He has an idea. He tells Sib. They run outside.

Kid and Sib make plans to transform the backyard into a movie theatre. The other kids see them planning and come over. Kid gives everyone instructions. They carry chairs, lay out blankets, set up the projector, and hang a screen. Sib shows Kid twinkle lights; Kid is thrilled. As the kids finish up, Dad yells for them to come inside for the party. The house is filled with friends, family, and neighbors, young and old. There is laughing, and dancing, and cake. 

It gets dark. The time for the movie has come. Kid tries to get everyone’s attention with no luck. But Sib yells at the crowd to pay attention to Kid. Everyone looks over, including Mom. 

Kid shows Mom how they have set up the yard. Everyone follows them outside. A couple of the kids lead Mom to her special birthday spot. Kid walks close behind, his card behind his back. Mom and Dad, and the babies, settle into their spot. Kid bursts between them and pushes his now wrinkled and torn card into Mom’s hands. She finally sees the card Kid has been trying to give her all day. They hug. 

Mom and Kid, and Dad, and the babies settle in to watch the movie. Along comes Sib. Kid is snuggled with Mom, his hand across her stomach. Mom pulls Sib over to sit with them. Kid and Sib smile at each other across Mom’s belly. All around, the rest of the family, and friends, and neighbors of The Loudest House lie scattered across the yard, watching Mom’s birthday movie.